Increase MySpace Plays – How to Increase MySpace Plays and Promote Your Music

Getting Your music out to the masses has never been easier thanks to the ever growing popularity of the social networking website But many musicians and independent artists are left wondering how to increase MySpace plays on their profile quickly and easily to gain more exposure.

There are several ways to increase MySpace plays to your music profile. I’ll cover just a couple of them here to give you an idea of the different options that are available.

1. Adding friends to increase MySpace plays is a great way to get started, and best of all, it’s free. There is really no better way to get new fans to listen to your music on MySpace then to contact them directly and tell them a little about yourself. Using this strategy is as simple as it is effective. You can find MySpace groups dedicated to your genre of music and make your presence known there. You could also find fans of bands that are similar to yours and send them friend requests, noting your musical style and band profile. This will increase your MySpace plays slowly and naturally.

2. Another way to increase MySpace plays is to use a paid service. Services such as this can literally add thousands of plays and views to your profile in just days. What is the benefit of such an aggressive approach to music promotion? Simply put, the more plays you have to your MySpace music profile, the higher up the charts you will go. In turn, more listeners will be exposed to your music, and you could potentially sell more cds and more merchandise. Many listeners and fans on the web find new bands and artists by checking out the MySpace charts. Taking an aggressive approach to increase MySpace plays on your bands page is a sure-fire way to get yourself listed on these popular charts.

So, if you are inclined to be the next big thing, consider increasing your MySpace plays as a valid method of promotion for your music or your band.

Rockabilly Instrumental Music Played Its Part In Rock And Roll History Too

One of the characteristics that people most often think about when they think of rockabilly music is the famous “hiccupy” vocal styles. Elvis, Buddy Holly, Carl Perkins, and many others used this technique to different extents when recording their seminal rockabilly tracks. But rockabilly music wasn’t always about the vocals. Several great rockabilly instrumentals hold their place in rockabilly history as well.

  • Bill Justis, “Raunchy”: “Raunchy was the first rock and roll instrumental hit and reached #2 on the American charts in 1957. It was recorded by Sam Phillips in his Memphis Recording Service studios and released on his Phillips record label. The record sold over a million copies and set the stage for future rock instrumental hits. The sax sound on this recording is nasty. Nasty but beautiful!
  • Link Wray and his Wraymen, “Rumble”: Link Wray is one of the icons of 50s instrumental rock and roll and “Rumble” is as evil as it gets. This is actually a very simplistic song and the guitar work is not all that complex, but it has tons of attitude and no one could dare complain! If there is one defining rock and roll instrumental, this might be it.
  • Duane Eddy, “Rebel Rouser”: Eddy is another of instrumental rock’s crowed princes. “Rebel Rouser” is also another signature tune of the genre. Starting with Eddy’s tremolo guitar sound seeped in reverb, this one is a precursor to the surf guitar sounds of the 60s. It then launches into another nasty-sounding sax solo and ends off on a key change. You didn’t hear too many key changes in rockabilly music and this is one of the most famous!
  • Joe Maphis and Larry Collins, “Hurricane”: Larry Collins was the impish little-brother half of the Collins kids. Larry and Lorrie were literally just children when they started making hit records. While most of their songs featured Lorrie’s vocals, it was often little Larry–a guitar wizard at the ripe old age of 10–who stole the show with his jumping-bean stage antics and blazing guitar work. Country star Joe Maphis–also an amazing guitarist–served as Larry’s mentor and they often performed together with their signature double-necked guitars. Sometimes they both played one neck of the same guitar. “Hurricane” is about as wild as it gets and squeezes more notes into less than three minutes than just about any other song I can think of. These guys prove that “shredding” didn’t start with Eddie Van Halen!
  • Arthur Smith, “Guitar Boogie”: For those who insist that rockabilly music started in 1954 with Elvis, I submit this gem from Arthur Smith. Recorded in 1948, this is pretty darned close to rockabilly if you ask me! This is a wonderful guitar-based song with the lead work done on an acoustic guitar instead of the twangy electric guitar featured in most rockabilly songs. If it isn’t rockabilly, then it’s certainly rockabilly’s roots!

Those are just five instrumental tunes that prove that rockabilly wasn’t just about the vocals. Rockabilly instrumentation and virtuosity often didn’t get its rightful due, maybe because the music evoked such a happy-go-lucky, fun-loving vibe that people forgot to notice just how good those players really were. These rockabilly instrumentals, along with scores of others, give the instrumentalists a chance to show off!

Let the Music Play With Pink Acoustic Guitars

Music is the melody of life. It has been an essential part of everyone’s daily lives. Music may come from a simple sound of rain dripping from the roof, chirping birds, and musical instruments like drums, clarinets, pianos and the most popular among teen-agers, the guitar. This has been a major instrument especially during band concerts and gigs. Conventionally, guitars are seen in brown colors. To add a twist to trendy pink acoustic guitars have been crafted for music lessons and concerts.

Pink acoustic guitars are designed especially to develop the interest of young females to music. This can act as a stimulant for them to keep taking guitar lessons and pursue the innate percussionists or guitarists in them. The release of this product has a hit among young guitarists. One of the best selling acoustic guitars is the daisy debutante junior miss acoustic guitar. It also comes in bubble gum pink. It has a slim neck that enables young girls to hold it right and firmly. Toddlers find it interesting too for it has light weight component that enables their little hands to hold it firmly. It also comes with a comfortable strap and picks that come in various vibrant colors. Another variation of this guitar is this pixie. It has slimmer neck that accommodates the little hands of new guitarists. This guitar goes with a set of attachments and accessories to customize their guitar. A gig bag, extra tuners, and strings are also provided.

From the conventional pink guitar for youngsters, a more mature version of it was developed or designed. It is the steel string guitar by crescent. This guitar has a more mature appearance and possesses a wooden frame. It measures 38 inches in length and 11 pounds in weight. Popular among rock bands and amateur singers, this guitar goes with a black carrying case, straps and tuners. All of these types of guitars can truly spice and funk up your performance. These can also be purchased online. Discounts may also be available upon purchase.

Workout and Music

For those of you that might know, music can help or disturb someone depending on the situation they’re in.

Music has a large influence in everyone on whatever they do. From working out at the gym, to doing an assignment, to taking an exam or even to falling asleep, music can affect you for reasons that you might not even know.

I am a music lover. Everything and anything that’s nice to my ears, I listen to it. I can listen to Usher’s music then shift to the Styx or the Eagles (classic bands). It depends to what I’m doing and when I’m doing it.

I listen to slow soft songs during night time so my mind can be relaxed. An example would be “Passenger Seat” from Stephen Speaks, or to “You give me something” by James Morrison.

Every time I work out at the gym or work on my basketball game, I listen to fast paced rock music to elevate my mood. Examples of these are “Down with the Sickness” by Disturbed or “Disconnected” by the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus.

When it comes to taking an exam, I’d prefer listening to the Piano pieces like Pachebel’s Canon as it gives me a relaxing mood. I sometimes shift to rock songs so I can’t hear anything else.

On working out in the gym, up tempo beats that reaches 130 beats per minute can increase your work performance. It fuels you to burn more and pump more iron as you go on with your workout. You can further increase your performance if you know the song.

By testing it myself, I increased my own performance to 50%. I noticed it after I checked the time. I usually work out for three hours and effectively shortened it to two hours.

In sports, music also plays a crucial part in the whole game. The home team has an advantage not only because of the fans, but also because of the crew that work inside the gym.

The crew plays music and beats that intensifies the feeling of everyone in the arena. When their team is on the offensive side, you’ll hear music that has a fast up tempo pace suitable for the team itself. While on the other hand, the crew plays slow, loud tempo music when the visiting team is on the offensive mode.

As you can see, music plays different roles. We just need to use it to our advantage.